Head lice treatment

Head lice treatment
Head louse or lice are small bugs on the scalp of the head while one is infested. These could be distribute via contact. A head louse infects your hair it will exist approximately 1 month in your hair. During their life period, they also build eggs in your hair. These eggs are named nits. Head lice are typical in overcrowded areas, especially in the schools.

Head lice can be difficult to observe. You have to look carefully. Use non reusable hand protection and look at the person's head below a bright light. Complete direct sun light or the brightest lamps at home during daylight hours work nicely. A magnifying glass can help.
Component the head of hair completely down to the scalp in very small areas, seeking both for moving lice and eggs (nits). Look into the complete head this way. Look carefully across the top of the neck and ears, the most popular locations for eggs. Remedy highly recommended if even one egg is available.

Here are several of the most effective head lice treatment
How you can go to get head lice treatment? The good news is a variety of choices available now and you can select from a selection of home treatments to a wide selection of medical treatments accessible. Allow us to first talk about a natural head lice treatment. This implies eliminating louse by utilizing some ingredients which are normally found in your home. You can use mayonnaise, petroleum jelly and olive oil. You can use each one of these on your hair, and keep it overnight. To avoid leaking, a shower cap must be applied. Because it is hard to eliminate eggs, it is suggested to do this again process after ten days.
Furthermore there are lots of other home treatments for the head lice remedy. You can apply tea tree oil, almond paste, juice of lemons to eliminate lice and nits. Juice of lemons with garlic paste is a more efficient treatment to eliminate the hair lice.

The best way to eliminate lice is using a nit comb. This is particularly great for kids below two-years old, and also require side effects to lice shampoo and other chemicals applied as a head lice remedy. These nit combs are obtainable at nearby pharmacy stores and they are quiet reasonable. It is suggested to apply these nit combs every day to ensure that you eliminate these lice and nits.

Several treatments can be found in the market for efficient head lice remedy. Treatments that are used to destroy lice are known as Pediculicides. All Pediculicides are usually put on the scalp and hair. Keep this on your tresses for 10 mins and after that wash it off. These are more efficient on the lice, but not on the nits. So it must be re-applied soon after 7-10 days. But it is essential to implement all the instructions of application and use properly as, some Pediculicides have substantial toxins. Some common treatment for head lice cure are:  Lindane, Malathion and Permethrin,

A final idea of head lice treatment and protection
As it is said, protection is more effective than cure, it is very important to avoid the infestation of head louse. Following a few points that are to be remembered:
  • Do not share brush, comb, caps and so on with a individual who has lice infestation
  • Always keep your hair clean
  • Frequently clean items that have direct contact with the hair e.g. pillows, chairs and and so on.
Remedy is very important, and must be performed warily with all the prevention ways to prevent more contamination. For the total removal of the lice it is very crucial to replicate the head lice remedy several times.